In Memoriam

Richard Gorsuch.  The Religious Research Association is sorry to report the loss of colleague and friend Richard Gorsuch, who died February 14 after a long battle with cancer.  Richard was a statistical wonder.  He was the author of a classic text on factor analysis and developed his own statistical software program Unimult.  He served for many years as a professor of psychology at Fuller Seminary and continued to mentor students after his retirement.  An active member of RRA, Richard was a true applied religious researcher.  He was always thinking of ways to help decision-makers utilize research, usually with a twinkle in his eye.  At his last RRA presentation he explained that the name for the household lubricant WD-40 came because the first 39 attempts didn’t work as designers had hoped.  He challenged fellow religion researchers who work with religious groups to keep trying and refining programs based on research.  Let that be his legacy to us.From Marge Royal.