Information for Authors

Information for Authors

Review of Religious Research  is an academic social science journal, publishing mainly articles focused on contemporary religious beliefs, practices, and trends, based on empirical research (quantitative  and qualitative).

Types of papers published by the Review:

  1. A full length “ORIGINAL-type” article (maximum 40 double-spaced manuscript pages, 10,000 words), should show connections to other relevant published studies or theory in the area of the research topic. It should also have some new facts, theoretical perspectives, insights, in the area of the research done, based on empirical data.
  2. A “RESEARCH NOTE-type” article (maximum 30 double-spaced manuscript pages (7,500 words) does not have to be so theoretical or tied to all salient literatures, etc. but still should have something new to say.  It should be based on empirical data.
  3. A “DENOMINATIONAL or institutional RESEARCH REPORT” is short (under 500 words). This is a summary of one or more studies done in an area, with major findings/points described.

Authors of denominational research reports can give at the end of their summary a website address where the full, longer report can be found – (as long as you want and the references in any format you want)


For Authors of Original and Research Note Articles 
The 30-40 page Original and Research Note-type articles are both sent to outside reviewers. The 500-word “Denominational Research Report does not go to outside reviewers, just the editor.

If you have a manuscript that fits this general description and would like to submit it to Review of Religious Research:
Your manuscript should be submitted online through the Springer website, NOT to the editor.  Please go to click the ‘Login’ button from the menu above and log in to the system as ‘Author.’   Springer’s instructions on the website are clear.   Springer notifies the editorial office when a new manuscript has been received, and it is read by the editor, who may make one of two decisions:

  1. If the editor does not feel the manuscript is appropriate for Review of Religious Research, the editor will notify the corresponding author immediately.
  2. If the editor does feel the manuscript might fit with the kinds of articles published in the Review, the editor will check to see if the author is a member of the Religious Research Association before reviewers are assigned.  If neither the author nor coauthors are RRA members, the corresponding author must pay the membership or manuscript fee – same charge for either – of $35.00.