Information for Reviewers


Two Types of Manuscripts Go Out for Review:

  1. A full length “original-type” article (maximum 40 double spaced pages manuscript), a manuscript should show connections to other relevant published studies or theory in the area of the research topic. It should also have some new facts, theoretical perspectives, insights, in the area of the research done.
  2. A “research note-type” article (maximum 30 double-spaced manuscript pages) does not have to be so theoretical or tied to all salient literatures, etc. but still should have something new to say empirically and theoretically.

Reviewer Form for Springer RORR Submission

As you complete this form, please keep the following in mind:

A. Comments to the EDITOR only

  1. Overall Rating of how close this manuscript is to publication (check on drop-down list)
  2. General Judgment: (check off questions “Strong, Weak, or NA” with opportunity to write a sentence or two on:) Theoretical Contribution, Importance of Topic, Interesting Data, Empirical Analysis, Writing.
  3. Add a sentence or two for the Editor, if desired, on your overall rating.

B. Comments to the AUTHOR (Editor also sees these)
Please do not communicate a publication recommendation to the Author directly — these should be made be in reviewer’s comment to the editor. There are no “rules” for what content or how much reviewer writes the author.


  • Start with a summary of the main point of the research and the major conclusions in a sentence or two. If the purpose is not clear, state this.
  • Adequacy of theoretical framework and literature review. Any published work missing the reviewer can alert the author to check? Does the author make a good case that this study builds well on other research but also presents new insights?
  • Adequacy of method. In collecting the data is the sample representative? Was the data analysed well and presented effectively
  • Discussion and conclusions. Does the data support the conclusions drawn? What are the implications or importance of this research for the area/topic of investigation? What new questions for research does it raise?
  • Writing and organization. Apart from minor edits, are the sentences clear? Is the paper well organized and presented?